Something only a raunchy old man could love

Just when you think it’s safe to take your kids out to a public event… I probably should have known better. We took the girls to a professional sports event, an indoor soccer game. They both play soccer (sort of), so … Continue reading

There are kids walking alone! Call the cops!

A Washington Post article this week told the story of two Maryland parents who are being investigated for letting their kids (aged 10 and 7) walk home alone from a nearby park. Someone saw the pair and called the cops. Now the … Continue reading

Active but not “sporty”

Being a dad of girls often means coming face-to-face with your own latent biases. For me, I’m realizing just how biased I am in favor of athletics. I love sports and still play in a competitive baseball league; I think sports are … Continue reading

“Boys have no fear…”

A friend and I were talking at a park as our kids ran around. She has a three-year-old boy who was playing with Aaron, now 2. The two started clambering up some bleachers, and my friend remarked, “Boys have no fear!” Girls, it … Continue reading

Curb your enthusiasm, kids

Scene at local elementary school the other day: I’m walking my girls into school and three older kids come running past, laughing and joking as they head toward the front door. “Stop running!” shrieks the principal while giving her best … Continue reading

A dad’s new school year resolutions

Now that the kids are back in school, I have some resolutions for the new school year: • Remember that school ≠ education: When I was in 8th grade, my dad took me out of school to see Opening Day at the Baltimore Orioles’ old … Continue reading

In defense of the much-maligned American summer break

Summer’s over. The kids are back to school. As I sat by a lake this morning, listening to loons wailing as the sun rose over the still waters, I realized just how sad I was to see summer pass. I didn’t always … Continue reading