A cold butt never hurt anyone

wipe-warmerFellas, when you have kids (especially when you have girls), you will discover a whole new world of ridiculous products designed to make them “comfortable” and “safe,” (i.e., wimpy). Take diaper wipe warmers. Yes, such things exist — for just $21.19 at Target, you could be a proud owner of one.

When Miriam was born, someone gave us one of these contraptions, which keeps the wipe warm so that her precious little butt won’t get chilled when I change her diaper. It took me a while to wrap my head around this concept. In a world where millions of babies go hungry and die from preventable infectious diseases, some geniuses spent their time and energy to develop and market this?! This is what the world needs? Are you kidding me?

There are all kinds of problems with this thing — it’s yet another bulky, electric doohickey that isn’t worth the valuable landfill space it will take up. But the worst part is its subtle effect on a child’s character. All it does is make my kid that much wimpier. What, they think she can’t even handle a cool wipe on her stinky butt? She’s up hollering for a diaper change at 2am, and I’m supposed to make sure her tush is toasty? How is she supposed to deal with the real world? Cold butts are a part of life, and the sooner she learns how to handle adversity, the better.

Cultivating a tough girl begins on Day 1, and these kinds of “conveniences” just make your job more difficult. If you get one of them, return it immediately. Use that $20 for something better, like supporting groups like Nothing But Nets that help kids deal with malaria and other real problems.


A cold butt never hurt anyone — 2 Comments

  1. Well, if you had a boy you’d know that warm wipes will save you from being peed on.

    Oh, and if you think your daughter should be fine with a freezing cold wipe on her vulva you should try to dip your balls in cold water to get tougher.

    I find it very interesting when first time parents feel like they know it all after a few months of parenthood.

    How dare you put diapers on your child when there are kids out there who are naked because their parents can’t afford to dress them?

    I only wish this blogger parents would come back later once reality sinks in to tell how ridiculous they feel.


    Mom born and raised in a 3rd world country who has scaped hunger and now doesn’t mind using the little gadgets to make life easier and more comfortable.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but you jump the gun. This blogger does have a son as well, his third child, and even if he were a first time parent, why the vitriol? I personally agree with him the wipe warmer seems silly and unnecessary. Sometimes the wipes are just gonna be cold, this is the real world after all. I think its better to know cold early and cope than to feel it late and not be able to deal. And heck there are plenty of situations where cold just feels better. When that baby has a hot little tush a cold wipe is a better answer than a warm one after all…

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