Show those legs, girls!

Robin-legsMy girls have great legs. They’re always full of cuts, scrapes, and bruises, as well as dirt, sand, mud, and the like. Signs of an adventurous life! This picture doesn’t do it justice — the cuts and scars don’t really show up (I think I need a new camera)— but this is what Robin’s legs looked like after a biking adventure along Sligo Creek this week. She fell in the creek at one point (of course) and had to ride home half-wet, but she took it well. I love spring…


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  1. Hi! Love this post, and the blog in general. My husband and I have two girls, ages 8 and 4 (with birthdays coming this summer), who are the ones who are usually somewhat dirty, often up trees and barefoot, and having tons of fun. Just last night the 4-year-old was showing me all of the minor bruises and scratches on her legs. I said, “Wow, looks like you’ve been playing hard lately!” She smiled and said, “Yep!”

    As a grown-up tomboy, I love the freedom and fun you’re encouraging in your girls.

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